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Ain't the Boston Tea Party

Wade, you may be old, but you look maaarvelous, baby!

You may be mad, but you're not insane, it is justified...and we all know exactly what you mean without listing the multiple economic, social and political woes that makes intelligent folks stomachs churn and skin crawl when they think about it too much.

You have lived long enough to pass on some good advice and I especially like the part about your ability to smile! Me too.

I saw the tea-party 'protesters' on the news tonite. They are a little weird, but their focus is on the bad operators in political office.
I think I counted 6 tea party people and they really made an impression on me. The sign, "can you hear me now" made me smile. I imagined Sargent Carter on Gomer Pyle yelling, "I CAN'T HEEEAAAR YOU."

Stay away from kooks like them, but vote every last loser outta office. We can still save our country. Thanks for fun advice and continue to Smile!

Don't give up my friend. "It is what it is", you say...but ONLY until 2012.

CHANGE who sits in the oval office.
HOPE the obamas have to live on Unemployment.
BELIEVE we can regain our footing and that our nation is not ruined!

America. American. Jobs. Prosperity. Wealth. Oil. Drilling. Market. Companies Beating the Street.Oh Happy Day. Don't Quit Believing in Tomorrow!


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