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Hi, I give you credit,

Hi, I give you credit, because I, too, like to believe I never took risks with my son. Once he was born, I was "Daniel's mom" not Tess any more. I'd go a month (it didn't happen lol) without a shower if it meant that my baby was not being supervised by a responsible, trusted adult.

Every baby book, hospital "New Baby" check sheet, etc, lists things that are dangerous. Fluffy pillows (any pillow really)and blankets in the crib, leaving a car carrier on an elevated surface, leaving your child on a sofa. The list goes on and on! I did all those things, exactly right. My baby is 10 now, and I still live my life for him. But that doesn't mean there haven't been moments that could have ended tragically. I was folding laundry one day, while he was sleeping in his bedroom at 2 years old. Apparently, he woke up and went outside. I heard my neighbor (we miss you Bob!) yell DANIEL! I looked out the window, and he was in the front yard!! The next day I installed an alarm system, not to alert me to someone coming in, but my son going out. I also installed chain locks at 6 feet high on my doors. They looked atrocious, but, they kept him in :)

God only knows what would have happened that day if Bob hadn't been outside tending his flowers. I'm sure if something had happened, I would have been demonized, and I am a wonderful mother. If this mother isn't a terrible person (and there isn't anything, at all in the news to say that she is) then we need to show some empathy. If there is more to the story (leaving the baby face down on the floor IS weird to me) then allow the jury to hear it, and make a decision.

Please quit passing judgement, and let this family grieve. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt (not that she or her family really cares about my opinion, they have a child to mourn.)

Not everyone is perfect, or a monster. There are those of us, in between, who do our very best, and it still doesn't make it impossible for something bad to happen.

I suggest getting off your high horse.


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