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Observation vs. Judgment

OK, you started out great and ended up sounding like a self-righteous, pompous moron. I'm entitled to give my opinion, just like you, even if no one agrees with it. This is a public forum, and I can voice my own opinions.

I don't believe in my original post that I was passing judgment on the mother. I was simply observing that I, personally, would never have placed my infant in the situation of being alone with the grandfather. If you read that as judging, then so be it. That was not my intent.

However, after careful thought, I believe you are making excuses for the mother, and I believe that making excuses are nails used to build a house of failure.

Excuses are made to release someone from blame or criticism for a mistake or wrongdoing. They serve no useful purpose, other than attempting to make the person feel better, appear blameless, and appear as being unable to control or change circumstances that were out of their control.

The mother had everything in her control when she had possession of her infant. When she laid it on the table for the grandfather, she gave away that control, and everything after that was an excuse. Again, this is an observation, not a judgement. I suggest you look it up in the dictionery, as I did, and learn the difference.

You're not helping the mother or her family and friends by continuing to make excuses for them just because it almost happened to you. You happened to come out lucky, the other mother did not. When my son was little, I always kept my doors and windows locked, and I had an alarm system installed BEFORE my baby was born. Again, an observation, not a judgment. Because I did that, my son was never placed in the same serious, life threatening situation that your son was placed in. That's not saying you were a bad mother, only that you waited until something serious happened before you changed your situation. I changed my situation before something serious happened. No judgment, just observaton.


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