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sterilized hmmmmmf

first off hmmmm, i put my name on here unlike you for a reason. Is there a reason you did not. As far as calling someone names I was responding to a women that was already calling someone stupid and saying that a person should be sterilized, with out knowing the facts here. you said since I know everything, I will tell you what I do know. I know that my neice the mother this women was talking about, Is devasted and still in shock. I know that my sister, the childs grandmother, crys everyday, and talks about the babys little feet, and how she smelled ,and how her skin felt, and that she wants her grandchild more than anything shes ever wanted in her life. My family will never get over what happened to addy.I think I already stated that the child was left in the care of my neices father in law while she got in the shower, NOT LEFT ALONE. What happened then , we dont know yet, but I know it will come out before this is over. My family also wants to know why this man didnt protect the baby. He apparantly is not saying. It did very much upset me for this women to say someone should be sterilized when she, or I suspect you, being the same person has no idea what happened . Everyone has there opion yes, but people on here seem to forget that this is a baby that was very much loved . my neices family, My family , are good people. Not the same people showed on the news in clarkton. That is my neices inlaws, and have nothing to do with us, because we , excluding my neice, have never had, not have ever wanted anything to do with them. people should think about things before they judge others , especially with out knowing the facts.


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