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well , I dont see all of you talking now. The ones that want to talk all that heartless crap about chelsea. Now that she has been through a trial bringing back the horror that she already has to face everyday knowing her baby is gone. She is still devastaed as is the whole family over the loss of Abby. Thats right ABBY , this baby has name , although most on here talked about her like an object. She had a mother and father , two sets of grandparents, a uncle, cousins , a whole family that loved her very much. Chelsea went to trial for a week, she did not take any plea bargains offered to her because she wanted it known to everyone she did nothing to cause her baby to be hurt. She went through pure hell for the last year, and has the rest of her life to picture still to see in her mind and nightmares what happened to her little addy bug. She was not found guilty of doing anything wrong and this was ruled an accident. Just what it was , an accident and a nightmare to this family. You on here want to act like you care , well we loved her . She was our baby , and everyone of you who took time out of your day to get on here and judge and say awful things about a young mother when you knew nothing of what really happened on this day should be ashamed of your self. I see no one on here saying . Wow , so I was wrong about her and what really happened maby I should think about how sometimes the media does not always know or rightly say whats going on. Shame on you , who took the courts and Gods job into your own hands by wrongly makeing accusations about a young girl that only wanted to love and raise her only child,.


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