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The problem

usually with ex military coming into law enforcement is they think they are still in Iraq or Afghanistan and miss the power trip they had over people in these countries and bring into the streets over here. My brother in law (retired sheriff) and myself ex cop have seen it too often. Power tripping on the public, miss the rush of combat and now take it out on the general public where they figure they are pretty safe from harm. I love the military, been there and done that but not all exmilitary need to be in law enforcement, some have real issues that need to be addressed. 60 years old and the cops I grew up with were a sight better than what is running around the streets now. There are articles daily on the internet of corruption, lying about cases, rape, robbery, etc commited by law enforcement and people wonder why there is no respect for them????
Cops are not judgemental?? That is a joke lady. Like I said I have seen it first hand. Everyone is guilty in their eyes from the speeding stop on up. Training and Standards should shutdown Leland PD and start all over you cannot fix a broken system. The Feds came into Leland a years ago and uncovered drugs being trafficked there by an officer, remember that? Leland has been known for years for their BS ways..They were a joke years ago when my brother in law and myself were in law enforcement...I will support the good but NEVER the bad.


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