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WWAY/LPD/FB Connection

This showed up in WWAY's Facebook feeds, not just on the station's main site. And to the other commenter below, no, there are no photos of the officers on LPD's site, just names. The first commenter plainly said that names were taken from the department's site then were crosschecked on Facebook. Doesn't take a real sleuth to figure any of this out. I would hope that detectives would use the same tactics when investigating criminals as some of these concerned citizens have used in investigating their backgrounds and alleged crimes. Guess no one told the LPD it works both ways. Perhaps they could also get a few pointers from the fine journalists at WWAY. At any rate, looks like many LPD officers and spouses took some advice that should not have even needed to be given (as it is common sense to be careful of ANY online activity, especially when held to a higher moral standard by oath or office, DUH) and have been deleting friends and posts like crazy, along with making some very embarrassing photos private or deleting them altogether, and have finally decided to be silent in WWAY's blogs (or at least not post their names, silly comments, and juvenile face emoticons anymore). Will be interesting to see which, if any, LPD officers change their employment information soon on these same pages. Some already have. And some might take that as an admission of guilt or wrongdoing, as it seems they already know what is coming.


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