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Yeah, something really

Yeah, something really stinks here. And it doesn't smell like flowers. Three weeks later? I know this: NO child in my care, ESPECIALLY at the age of 9 DAYS OLD, would be left unattended long enough for a tragedy like this to happen. The dogs all went invisible? The dogs gassed all the responsible adults in the house so they were unconscious while the dogs mauled the baby? The 9 day old infant decided to go out in the back yard to play? I mean, really, wasn't Casey Anthony enough? Let's look at a scenario shall we? Your baby (who is 9 DAYS OLD!!)is in a playpen in the living room while you are doing dishes in the kitchen 15 feet away. The ninja dogs owned by you, your parents and the upstairs tenant sneak in to the living room, stealth over the side of the playpen and begin to maul your baby. You happily continue washing dishes as the dogs eat your child's face off 15 feet away from you. The bubbles from the dish detergent block off the sound of your baby screaming.
Sounds a little far fetched doesn't it? But not quite as far fetched as I find THREE WEEKS of "investigation" to figure out who should be the "responsible" party in the death of this child. Sounds to me like all law enforcement involved needs to wake up and apparently get some more education. Just another ridiculous blunder by those in power. Seems to be the norm lately.


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