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Tragic occurence, not to be worsened

It's easy to make judgements and spout off opinions but, here are the facts. A tragic accidental death occurred.
Could it have been prevented?... Probably but, so can the other 99% of accidental deaths that occur with less visability.
One thing that fuels the emotional fire of this case is... the incorrect reporting of the actual events. The news media was so intent on being the 'first to report', that much of the initial disclosures were incorrect. The ages, amount of dogs actually involved, people living there, etc... all was grossly reported and exaggerated. This caused many people to form opinions before the actual facts. And once an opinion is formed, it's hard to change. Not all the dogs 'lived' inside the house, not all the people lived there al the time, etc... And during the worst moments of their lives, the news people was pushing the devistated family members into an interview. Then, when rejected, they selected only the negative-based community responses to give broadcast time to. Many locals here understand the decency of giving a family time to grieve yet, the news grabs one person that says "Why has the law waited so long to make an arrest?... Think about it for just a moment, there was no malicious intent involved in the accident. No smoking gun or serial killer trying to escape. At the worst, a young 18 year old mother that would give anything to rewind the clock and save her 9 day old baby. Clarkton has been home to me all my life, and like everyone else, am impacted as to the events since the tragic accident. If the Grand Jury found enough testimony to suggest an indictment so-be-it. However, when the family testifies the actual events maybe people will learn all the details.
If nothing else is learned from this tragic event, we learned just how fast a family can suffer the worst moments of their life.
And that the same community that comforts you, can condemn you. (even before you speak)
Makes me wonder why society has regressed so much in only a couple generations.


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