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+1 Tom... I have children

+1 Tom...
I have children and I have walked to the mailbox or out to the car to get my checkbook or workbag etc...while the kids were asleep. I have a dog in the house and never really thought about the fact that she could turn vicious and attack one of my kids while they were asleep or waking from their nap. Freak things happen and now I can really think of many scenarios that could have possibly happened without my intent being to have one of my children mauled to death. Many of you critics need to shut the hell up and allow the people we have elected to do their job. Yes I cringe at the fact of knowing that a child was mauled to death but I also cringe about the fact of people walking free who have killed members of my family by mistakes made while driving. I just lost a uncle last year when a girl turned in front of him on an open highway in beautiful sunny weather. She said she never saw him when she turned left. He laid there and suffered and died. Is she in Prison? No! She made a mistake and it caused my uncle to suffer a painful death as he died about 90 minutes later.


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