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You know the more I thought

You know the more I thought about what you wrote the more horrified and hurt I become. You are talking about a mother, happily washing dishes while dogs chew on the face of a baby. Besides haveing your facts wrong , or just plain makeing up little fantasys in your sick mind. you are truely a sad deranged person. you say no child in your care, i hope no one lets a child around you. I come from a decent , hard working family. This baby you are talking about getting its face eaten off by dogs was a my great neice, and we loved her and wanted to have her with us forever. I dont know when I can stop crying , thinking about the alful things you have said here. i hope you think next time you start makeing up ninja dog stories ( that this was a precious little human being you are talking about). my family loved this little girl , and this is the worst thing thats ever happened to us. she was my sisters first grand child . there was no one washing dishes, no playpen, no 15 feet away. nothing you said makes any sense at all. You are a very sick and heartless person Tracie c


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