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Not necessarily. My daughter graduated in 2000. Before that, there was trouble on the buses even then. The problem was - nothing was ever said to the parents. The only way we found out was if a child told someone. On the bus that my daughter rode, there was a sexual assault in the back of the bus. The only reason I found out was that a friend of ours at the time was a police officer and he told us. When I and several other parents went to the principal we were told that it wasn't up for discussion because of privacy issues. Needless to say that bus was a few students short after that.The said thing was there were parents who never knew what had happened. And that bus driver was one of the best that they had. She could not control what went on at the back of the bus.

A response to your remark about being unruly. I have been involved in the schools for many years as a volunteer and I have seen up close some of the people that are driving buses. There are some very good ones, but there are some who have no business driving. They are rude and seemingly unconcerned, so just because the kids get yelled at doesn't mean they are unruly. The bus driver may just have a rude attitude.

And yes, buses can be late, but your remark about her taking her kids to school is okay BUT, what if she had not been out there with her children to know the bus was late or didn't show up? They would have been out there for how long because a bus didn't show up or can't get on a timely schedule. Taxpayers pay for the buses and we expect them to run as they should barring any extra problems.

Any problems with buses should be reported and any problems with the drivers need to be investigated. Yes children can be children and they can cause problems, but it is not always them. Believe me, I have seen it and heard it all, the bus driver can be the problem. If you don't believe it, volunteer at a school and watch the teachers and assistants (who often drive the buses) and watch the attitudes and behavior. Your eyes might be opened! There are many good ones but there are exceptions to it.


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