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The Bus

We had problems with the bus as well in the beginning of the year. We live 4 miles from the school and was told that riding the bus "is a privilige" and we should be thankful we have buses. Are you kidding me????

He also stated that there are many problems with the buses arriving on time because of unforseen and uncovered abscences by the drivers. Since the start of the year, the bus has come at 7:41, 8:09,7:57, 7:39, 8:04 and various other times. We were told our child was to be picked up at 8:05. When the school implemented its new "staggared" start times, we had been dogged with many recorded phone messages to make sure our children were at their appropriate stops at the new time to make the transition run smoothly. What a joke that turned out to be.

When the law states that any student that lives beyond 1.5 miles is to be bussed to school, I don't see where this is deemed to be a "privilige". We have no sidewalks and live on one of the most dangerous roads in the county. There have been many accidents and fatalities on our road and I would never, ever put my child in harms way by making her walk to school and risk being hurt or killed. What kind of privilige is that? Thankful that my child isn't killed and has to wait for whomever to show up when they feel like it?

I shudder to think that these people are responsible for my childs education.


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