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The Big Picture

What all fail to realize is the beauracracy that rules Brunswick County Schools, or more namely all those that are incapable of educating the kids in the buildings so they are moved into the central office and made directors, are the ones that set these employees and children up for failure. One director failed to plan provisionally for snags in this plan he just said "of course dual routes save a million dollars, I am Super Director I can make it happen," with little to no thought on the logistics. Another sends an e mail that instructs schools, "we cannot see beyond the doors of the homes" no matter what age lets put them out, hey we arent the village right they arent our responsibility. Yet another, with every other news article or comment is quoting exactly why you should have faith in us. Rest assured that position is not saving tax payers one hundred thousand dollars. |

Granted things need to change, but it doesnt need to start with the bus drivers. They are simply pawns and being made examples of. In fact their discipline has been published for all to see. Do we really think if a central office employee had messed up, or has messed up and it would be acceptable to publish their discipline. It would be an outrage, and not only is it bordering on illegal it once again illustrates the dispairity among the haves and have nots.

Emergency meetings, cabinet discussions, all the what we will do with buddys and headbands. Why not take more interest in the people with your children everyday, those teaching, serving the lunches, taking them back and forth to school. If the administration of BCS took more interest in the people doing the work and less on the people who tell those people how to do it our students and employees would surely benefit.

By the wayside I dont recall the disciplinary actions of a Board Member's Niece caught with drugs, or a former administrator who said innappropriate comments to an empoyee being published. Something to ponder........


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