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Students' Troubles

I have another concern, myself. We are not talking about a small child here, we have in this school district a middle school child who is not aware of the harm toe nail clippers can do, whether in his hands or someone else's. Furthermore, he does not seem to know how easily an eye can be hurt. Neither does his 'friend,' so we have not one this bad off in their developmental behavior progression. Perhaps, instead of momma shouting to the roof top, she might need to spend a little more time informing her son of the evils of the world. Fire burns, glass cuts, etc. Or perhaps she is like so many other parents these days who raise children who believe that no matter what they choose to do, the parent will get them out of it, make it go away. Had that bus driver dropped him out with his eye falling out on his cheek, it would be one thing. The kid apparently doesn't know or can't remember when his mother is home, either. She needs to give him her schedule and tape it to his chest. Now the driver is taught his lesson, no job and no money (nobody drives a bus because they love children and it is an easy job), but Jr. is still out there on the bus with people who can do him harm and a mother that may or may not be there at home when he thinks she is. If the driver had been distracted while these two bozos were playing with the clippers and there had been an accident, the fur would have flown. Bus drivers, hear me. When there is a disruption of ANY kind or when there is so much as a hangnail on ANY passenger. STOP! CALL 911 and wait, no matter HOW long it takes to get those little kiddies home safely, if they have to do an emergency appendectomy. Let them complain about that. And when these darlings get to the high school with such shenanigans as they pulled on this bus, somebody (a student, NOT a bus driver) will help them grow up fast - and probably any parent who wants to complain. The last thing I would want would be a parent volunteer on the bus - something that won't begin to happen anyway. They want you to take kids, handle all problems without bothering them. THEY are busy working. Teachers just babysit all day anyway. Surprises me how many think that way these days. Meanwhile, I'll just go on worrying about almost grown children who don't know any better than to play with toe nail clippers around somebody's eyes. Maybe they shouldn't be on a bus at all, but picked up and taken home so they can't hurt themselves. You can't fix stupid.


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