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The problem I have with this Memo is that it goes along with a pattern of bad conduct. We certainly don't know what's the complete truth here and what isn't the complete truth. What can start to see is a pattern of behavior.

There are some great officers inside the Leland Police Department but they are tainted by the corruption that is ahead of them in rank. I think it is time Chief Jayne is asked to resign. The black eye that has been place on this department can't be fixed without a complete overhaul. I think it is time for the town to appoint someone from the outside as Interim Chief until and outside agency investigates. If this isn't going to happen, Sheriff Ingram or Jon David should call in the SBI and have a through investigation.

We can all sit here day in and day out and speculate on this and that. At the end of the day, it means nothing. We need any outside agency to conduct a through investigation.

There are some hard working, decent Leland Police Officers. They are being made to look awful through these message boards. It's a shame because one or two bad apples really does spoil the entire bunch.

As a former resident of Leland, I salute these fine officers. To the others, I say shame on you.

I also say shame on all of you for involving these decent officers families in message board propaganda.


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