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Well, it didn't take long

for the posters to remove the barrier to my further comments.

One poster said, give them a break; he didn't know what brought them to it. So insightful; I guess it's okay to take another's life if we have cause. Why let the judicial system do its job when you can just become vigilantes.

Another poster said, they did not live in public housing. They had good parents. That may well be. BUT, something is wrong when two brothers are implicated in a murder and an armed assault on another.

That same poster said they went to church together. Great; I guess they missed the lesson about turning the other cheek.

Another poster said there was a great football and college future for one. Come into the light and see the foolishness of your comments. Perhaps college is available when one is sentenced and incarcerated. But, in today's time, forget a free ride in college; you would be lucky to even gain admission.

And to those who would stress they are innocent no matter what is posted or reported, get real. Bail would not be $2 million each if there was even the sloightest shred of doubt or if they did not pose a threat to disappear.

For all of you who want to be defenders, why not go to the other report on Little Bro's arrest and just copy & paste your favorite defense posting?


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