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The fact that anyone would try to throw the "race card" on a poster on this subject is just plain stupid. They are the ones that should have the "race card" thrown on them. I think it's rather ridiculous that any time there is a race mentioned at all in any form of news, people automatically try to protect the suspect/criminal/victim by race. I'm white, and I have seen MANY people on the news, and people I have encountered in life that have run down the wrong path in life. Whether they are black, white, asian, middle eastern, european, etc. THEY'RE STILL PIECES OF TRASH NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THEIR SKIN IS, WHAT NEIGHBORHOOD THEY GREW UP IN, OR WHAT COUNTRY THEY ARE FROM! If a person has the will in them to commit any crime, especially murder, then they deserve to have the same punishment they dished out. I don't care if you're a grade-A citizen who has always paid your taxes on time, have a suburban family, well-rounded person... if you commit a crime; you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors all suffer the consequences. If people want to stop crimes that cause prejudice, then start by helping out in your community. Do something with your life other than thinking everything is about "color." Make something of yourself, and also try to help the people in your life to make something of their selves. It's called "motivation" and if people don't receive it, it's a lot harder for them to conquer quests in life. I really hope that my daughter will grow up to live in a world where racial profiling is minimized. If you, a family member or a friend is going down the wrong path, do everything in your power to set the path straight! Being racist just proves how ignorant you really are.


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