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Thank You for

some unemotional and accurate comments.

What happens if young black men grow up and take responsibility for their actions?

WHA might have vacancies in the housing projects as these young men would be employed and would want a better homelife for their offspring.

They might go on to higher education. Regardless of your financial background, education opportunities are still abundent -- as long as you do not have a hard crimminal record. No school is going to willingly admit applicants with recent convictions for multiple felony convictions -- especially if the convictions included violence.

Medicaid might cease to be such a drain on our state's economy as these working young men might have the means to secure private health insurance.

All of the other entitlement programs might cease to be such a drain on the economy if these young men furthered their education; got jobs; and thought twice about the consequences of actions such as indiscriminant child bearing and acts of violence.

But, then, all of these low lifes who want to make suspected and charged felons feel good about the act of taking another's life would have nothing to do with their time if the crime rate declined and these young men had more to do then shuffle around and stand on street corners.


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