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So would you like to just KILL them all?

You know GRAMPS, you didn't even take the time to read what I wrote before pulling that angry knee jerk comment. The only thing I said was, the younger murderer WAS popular in school, a great student and a star athelete PRIOR to the murder. I did not know of his previous record. That kind of person CAN have a positive influence to help people help themselves instead of living off MY dime! He blew it with all of the opportunity in the world staring him in the face.

You have absolutely no idea of the efforts I perform to make a difference. I tutor math and science to kids that have drug addicts, ex-cons and drunks for parents. I SEE their little eyes light up when a littles support goes in their direction, when they are encouraged to learn and excel instead of watching mommy suck on a crack pipe or jab a needle in her arm. So Mister, don't tell me damn thing about what I don't do! I have first hand experience with positivity and encouragement and I have first hand experience with success!!! Looking at your spelling and composition, you could have used some help yourself!

So get off your anger kick GRAMPS and instead of just throwing them all to the dogs, YOU go out there and try to make a difference! Just try to do it before they turn into murderers, rapists, thieves and drug addicts. I'm not "preaching", I'm telling you FACTS mister!!!

By the way, if ANYBODY were to shoot MY mother, I'd hunt them down like a sorry, stupid dog. No screaming required...BET ON IT!


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