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I look at it like this. No one really knows what happen that day or night. Everyone has their own opinion. Until we now further info, people are going to post how they feel. Just because someone has been charged for a crime.... doesn't mean that they are guilty. Innocent until proven Guilty. Tevin still have a bright future in front of him, as well as Germaine.Hell look at Allen Iverson, Michael Vick, Martha Stewart, Ronald Hewett all of these people have done active time in a Federal Prison. A.I was given a second chance. M.V. got another chance. We all have done some things in our lives in one point of time.... we just never got caught caught. Instead of saying they shouldn't have done this or that. We don't know if Tevin and Germaine were victims of anything. My heart goes out to all the families, because they all are victims. We lose good men to society every day. We as parents raise our children to be the best. As they get older, they have a way of going astray, of becoming followers instead of leaders. I had a child who was accused of a very serious crime.Would have caused him his entire fuure. I being a parent stuck by him and at the end justice did prevail. So to the Hankins family, HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH, BECAUSE IT COULD BE SOME OTHER FAMILY THAT IS GOING THROUGH THE SAME SITUATION.


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