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Please stop insulting my brothers. Was that helmet comment really necessary? Or those weasel comments? It doesn't help you prove your point, it just makes you seem callous.

I did not know the man who was killed, and I don't know Germaine or the wounded boy. I do, however, know Tevin. I'm not saying that he is perfect or that he has never made a mistake. But I can tell you that he is one of the nicest boys I have ever met. That will be my opinion of him regardless of whether he committed murder. You can think that I'm stupid or naive for saying so, but that won't matter to me. Tevin is a good boy. Everyone who knows him would love to see him be proven innocent, redeem himself for his past mistakes, and prove himself as a role model for the youth in our community. We all know he has the ability, and that is why we continue to defend him.

And just in case you're wondering, I'm a white, female, eighteen year old student at UNC Chapel Hill.


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