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This is to Brenda Bozeman

You will be the next mayor of leland.........You don't have to side with any one...PLEASE stand on your own two feet and show us what kind of mayor you are going to be...You have family in police work..Would you like them to work for this police department???? I realy dont think so. I know you would not allow this kind of bull to go on....We dont need another FUTCH we have had enough of that...You have nothing to fear from anyone there now..I have heard that you are going to have Batleman as your right hand...Think about it...Not a good move on your part..She is only a bobble head. everytime futch talks her head just starts bobbing up and down..Your are a strong person show it...Be the leader i think you can be. Please take a stand now say what needs to be said...You know you can talk about whats going on in this town RIGHT????? This could be a good town if you take charge and stand up and say something....It is what it is So show us what we are going to get for the next 2 years..I like leland and yes we do have a few good police officers here. They need to stay. But some must go..thats your job do what you have to do..The people in leland dont want this
chief here and you know it. He is not the leader the police department needs...We the people of leland dont trust him anymore..


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