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This is to Brenda Bozeman AGAIN

Like i said before you will be our next mayor....When you become mayor you will have everybody watching every move you make. You talked about futch what he did and what he didnt do.....Well now it is your turn...Will we have to talk about you the same way you talked about futch ???? I hope not but you need to get off your Butt and do something even if its wrong do or say something..Town meetings are not going to go good for you...BOBBLE HEAD BATLEMAN she dont know s**t. she just sits up there and acts like she is all that....Futch got her in so she could just keep bobbling that dumb a** looking face. she dont know a d**n thing about this town and dont care either...You have been asked to take a stand. please tell us what you are going to do for the town of leland.. There are a lot of people that like you but they all are saying what is she doing????? NOT A THING>>>> And if you think that this will all go away YOU ARE SO D**N WRONG...What is going to happen to the chief / Karl Smith /Rick DellaPia /Bill Kozak /Michael Landen...Thats just a few that let all of this happen to officer lewis...Ask your son if he would do what the police officers in leland did.... Let me answer that for him H**L NO HE WOULD NOT DO IT and he would not let it happen if he was there...So stop sitting on your hands and step up...It would not be good for you to start out on the wrong foot...Town meetings could be a nightmare for you...(It is what it is) totaly wrong. I know you and i think you might make a good mayor but you have to make the first step...Please do me a favor at the next meeting when BOBBLE HEAD BATLEMAN STARTS BOBBING HER HEAD PLEASE SPIN HER CHAIR JUST THINK ABOUT THAT..LMAO Do the right thing ..I beleive in you so please dont make me wrong about you.


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