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You know, so many have cast

You know, so many have cast their opinion one way or the other. The truth is most of us have pets, and ANY dog, cat or animal can attack of course some breeds have higher incidents so for all of you that have said oh yes how dare them, they are responsible. If you have a pet and didnt "dispose" of them before a new baby was brought into your home, then you too are as guilty as this family. I am CERTAIN that NONE of them brought that precious baby home and said... here Rover play with this!!... It is a tragic incident, but sometimes bad things just happen and actually to search for fault or a person to blame is not justified. If you have a pool and a child you are just as irresponsible as this family..a pool can be disposed of.. how about a car?? we put our children in our cars everyday knowing there is a chance they could therefore perhaps we too are irresponsible. How many of you have a trampoline? Children die everyday on them, skateboards? The list could go on and on. In the whole just of it, we are born to die. We dont have time stamps, some are here only moments and some over a hundred of years. My heart goes out to this poor family may God give them strength, knowledge, and understanding through this time in their lives.


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