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Welcome to Leland

Welcome to Leland where you will be deceived by everyone in office. Don't expect the truth because you won't get it. You have questions for the Town Manager, he has a rubber stamp answer "I can neither confirm nor deny" Questions for Mayor or Council "We are out of touch", "the Town Manager will take care of that". Questions for the Chief of Police "I'll be right back" as he drives away in his car. Who created this mess? One by one they do it as a team. A CORRUPT< LYING< DECIETFULL TEAM. Will council ever grow a set and put an end to this disgrace ? Or do they themselves have something to hide like the inability to run a town such as Leland. The inability to take this town where it needs to be and secure its growth for all the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Every single one involved needs to go. They are criminals with badges who waste tax payer’s money on a regular basis, bullied and deprived working officers of equipment, uniforms and training. There are a hand full of officers who are young and impressionable. They look up to the leaders and at what is going on. They see very little hope for their careers and are stuck in a place with a disgraceful reputation and they can't get out. Please do something quickly. If you wait for the state or Feds to step in and do it that only proves one thing about your government body, it is incapable and refuses to deal with pressing issues so let someone else take care of it. Welcome future residents to the Town of Leland. Where you will be lied to and


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