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Defending Our Military

I am proud of my military service and appreciative of all who have volunteered to serve our country. Prior military service has nothing to do with the personal and professional decisions some of these police officers may have made according to these allegations. I am a career military man who segued directly into policing as a lot of us do. These atrocious accusations and the way the Leland PD has handled these scandals should be ascribed to the leadership of the PD and the subculture the leadership at the PD and city leaders have fostered. As a police officer, I find the targeting of the groin area with munitions rounds disgusting and abusive, whether a male or a female was the victim. A professionally led PD would never tolerate this. A mature professional police chief with good judgment, with some level of fear for his job status, and a desire for his community's and his department's respect shouldn't attend a subordinate’s bachelor party, let alone punch him, IF that is what happened. This is a classic chronicle of arrogance, poor leadership, and a good ole boy system gone wild; not any after effects of military service. And city leaders appear to be saying taxpaying, voting citizens just have to accept this, because they are not going to deal with it.


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