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Super Cop

More than 20,000 dollars a star thats how much this guy gets paid throw in benefits and he is recieving almost 23,000 a star, some of those officers may be worth that for putting there life on the line. and as mentally unstable as this cat is you can bet working for him is extremely tough. Farris has been recieving almost a 100,000 dollars if not more and getting a 300 dollar a month vehichle allowance. The public works director and Finance Officer are married. they recieve almost 130,000 between them counting benefits and it is my understanding that thier daughter works from home and is in Charge of HR or payroll or something she makes almost 40,000

So there is roughfly a Half a Million Dollars of tax payers money going to just pure poop for employees, just about everyone in administration at one time filed grievances against the finance director, no action UMMM, public utilities hasnt retained an employee in the entire time.. and all of those complaints about that director, have culminated in the firing of those employees, the EEOC should pole all Present and Past employees since Farris took his position, please, all of us citizens should demand action, the rock has been moved , WWAY just look underneath...


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