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Doesn't LIE?!

How can you say he doesn't lie? First, he refused to answer direct questions about his employment status (for MONTHS) saying only that he was a "consultant." When the truth FINALLY came out after local newspapers and media did research, we found out after he'd been elected that he was unemployed and had been drawing unemployment for some months prior to his election. If that isn't a direct lie, I don't know what one is.

Secondly, he dresses down the chief of the Wilmington Police Department and his staff for lying about his suicide attempt to the media, then we find out that he DID in fact slice his wrists in a desperate and crazy ploy to get his ex's attention. He tried to make himself look better and cover his twisted actions by blaming public servants who were only doing their job. That's not a lie?!

Say what you want about Barfield, Thompson, and the others (I don't think they are perfect by any means), but their personal issues are not front-page tabloid fodder. They also do not outright lie to their constituents as Berger has done. Berger is a danger to himself and to others-- he needs serious help, and he needs to RESIGN.


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