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Berger has Courage and Best of the Bunch!

You mean Berger’s cheating girlfriend? Its not stalking showing up somewhere you normally do and to find your gf/fiancé/husband is having an affair and the there are kids involved in this epic saga…berger clearly snapped but by all appearances it was a temporary lapse of reason caused by a woman with a long history of calling police, playing “victim” for attention making false allegations, even went to the media and then complained about all the “media attention.” She brought that attention on herself and the children, no berger. He’s probably a lot more stable than ms nbalylock and just flipped when she cheated…he wouldn’t be the first to do so. I doubt he wanted this to be public! Heather made it public, as public as possible probably out of spite and hate for berger. He must have pissed in her milk to make her hate him that much. She could have settled any disputes with berger in private like normal people. This is not news, just politics and gossip.

Leave them alone. They both have issues!

All the commissioners and actors in this drama have issues from a clearly disturbed woman in ms. Blaylock, a heartbroken and irrational berger, and crooked barfield, Thompson, catlin and davis looking to cash in on berger’s personal suffering in his private life. Out of all of them, only Berger has had the cajones to stand up and face the public and admit his issues.

He hasn’t broken the law and it must have been hard. Heather Blaylock apparently is a basketcase and does have serious mental issues. Just listen to her and you see someone who pretends to be a victim – by their own hand. If berger doesn’t have a emotional meltdown at a meeting, its none of the publics business, if anything im surprised by the lack of sympathy I guess nobody else has had their heart broken in Wilmington. I voted for berger because he wasn’t a carbon copy of the other commissioners. As long as he stands up to them and doesn’t let the other self-serving board members bully him or take advantage of this he’ll still have my support. I’ll take a depressed but honorable berger over a lying preacher and the rest of the bunch any day. Do you really think Thompson stalin and davis are without sin?


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