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Blinded, Spineless Partisanship

And there you have it. Most of us have grown increasingly disenfranchised from our former political leanings simply because the folks running paries have lost any ability to think objectively about anything. It is always through the prism of, "how it affects the party, or it how makes us look."

Apparently, the NHC GOP has come to the conclusion that if they asked Berger to step down, it would reflect poorly on them since they had earlier supported him. Instead of doing the right thing, calling his term in office a mistake, asking him to resign and moving on with someone less damaging to everyones credibility, they chose to punt.

This guy (Berger) is damaged goods, no pun intended. He is damaging the County Comissioners, New Hanover County as a whole, and the NHC GOP. He needs to move on with his life and focus getting better, not be the mouthpiece of a bunch of puppet masters.

Back in the military, we called this spineless weaseling. Strong leadership, this ain't. I have supported Republicans mostly (ust a few Dems when they were truly the better candidate) all my life. You weasels aren't gonna get my dime or my time.

You party whores are running it into the dirt.


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