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Berger Hate Group Forming for Addicted Haters

You sick berger haters, posting under different names, have to keep digging into this man's private life to try to destroy him. He's human and you've crossed the line. Berger was heartbroken, you havent?, and if he just learned he was being cheated on he might have had some things to say, questions to ask...a closure. I've only seen him once with the children, but they would run to him and hug him every five minutes it seemed, and then go back to playing. Heather is a devoted mother but her relationship issues aren't good for the kids, she needs to grow up. Berger needs to see whatever doctors or councelors to never do that crazy act again, but it's probably more to it than reported.

You people who try to use this to make a political point are most in need of help. Start with the Bible and ask yourself why you are so in need of destroying berger. He voted for lower taxes and water/sewer bills, killed the arts council, and unlike some or most politicians, berger i've yet to hear brag or pat himself on the back or call a news conference every time he has an idea like catlin and thmopmson and barfield. He's like a shy person in a most public role and he needs to get his personal life in order, but he's kept his promises from the campaign unlike most all polticians, stands up for the little guy, and clearly takes his position seriously.

The only distraction right now are the 4 commissioners who are distracting voters intentionally and the media who wont let this die. and berger isn;t without blame for this. Heather caused most of it by spilling everything about berger and then after humiliating and just tearing berger apart complained about "media attention." Honey, when you talk to the media you get attention from the media. If you get in trouble at work as a teacher or disrupt the children's lives, you have only yourself to blame. Get help! This town needs more psychiatrists!!!


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