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Give me a break

I'm not a Berger hater, bible-thumper. I merely want to see folks held accountable for their actions. You can darn well bet that if this person was a Democrat, you and the other GOP minions would be screaming for his head. To me, that means you have no integrity, or are a hypocrite. (Speaking rhetorically and figuratively, not literally since I don't know you personally.)

You see, I expect people in government to be held to higher standards of accountability...and if they won't do it themselves, then it's up to others to do it for them.

I have worked in jobs of some responsibility for over thirty years. These jobs (and my employers) demand, high standards of accountability. If I were to get a DUI..I would be fired the next day. If I were to sexually harrass somebody...or test positive on a urinalysis...again, gone the next day.

So Mr. Berger has personal problems? We all do except for the self righteous and folks that are not self-aware.

Mr. Berger likes to say this is all in the past...yeah, two weeks ago. It will happen again. There is a trendline here.

So...Mr. Berger is unwilling or unable to hold himself accountable for personal actions that would have gotten him fired by most other government employees, or many in private industry. NHC doesn't have a recall, the voters can't impact the situation. The NHC Commissioners have called for his resignation...nothing.

The NHC GOP could have made a tough decision, but chose to punt. They are spineless weasels. They could have easily named another empty suit that would have voted exactly like Berger.

This is not personal at just shows to me that they are a bunch of moral cowards.

Do you really think this guy is electable, now? If so, your are delusional.


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