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I'm a job creator

You write fairly well but with all due respect you don't know diddly squat about who creates the jobs. Rich people don't create jobs. they shuffle alot of money around but they aren't creating American jobs. The majority of American jobs come from the millions of small businesses like my own that employ a handful of people. I don't work for many rich people, 97% of my business comes from middle class and working class people. You want to get the economy rolling? Give the tax breaks to small business people like myself and to consumers whose spending equals 60% of our GDP.

As for the GOP, last fall during the fight over the sun setting of the Bush Tax cuts. While they fought tooth and nail for the wealthiest I got hung with yet another increase in AMT because the GOP refused to negotiate adjusting the AMT. My taxes went up $2100 on the same income as 2009. For the record Democrats aren't doing me any favors either.

Government regulations? I'm required to have insurances, licenses, bonding,I pay certain impact fees. I have to pay for certain employee benefits.along with related taxes. but so does everyone else in my business,therefore we all share roughly the same overhead. We all also charge pretty much the same. So what great disadvantage has this so called "socialist" government placed me in?


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