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What an arrogant pipsqueak

"I think it was an emotional rather than analytical opposition. I think if they had thought about which side the bread was buttered on, they'd of taken it," O'Grady says.

This is SOOOOO typical of the left. Insult their intelligence if they dare stand up to your tyranny. Exactly HOW is their bread buttered by Wilmington, Mister O'Grady?

I say, "Bully for the residents of Monkey Junction" for organizing quickly, efficiently, and telling Wilmington to drop dead. Being a part of Wilmington would have done absolutely nothing for these people, and would only have bilked them out of more money for you and your fellow council members to blow.

WARNING TO ALL COUNTY RESIDENTS: This defeat means that the fire will be turned up under the pot called "consolidation" and the Wilmington Liberal loons who are drunk on power will start the drive for merging the city and county again. Despite two previous rejections by the voters, they still don't get it:

"No annexation. No consolidation. Laeve us alone."


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