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Mr. O'Grady may truly believe that the people in the MJ area haven't seen the value of becoming part of the shining City by the Sea. After all, the City would provide the services of Wilmington PD and trash pickup. But to paraphrase Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca",
"For a price, Mr. O'Grady, for a price."

Wilmington leaders clearly have failed to make a compelling argument, on the merits, to the people of the proposed annexation area. Of course, up until now, Wilmington could simply extend its "Iron Curtain" er, City Limits, virtually at will, so no tedious persuasions or costly merits were necessary. The "annexed" people would be "free" to enjoy all of the wonderful benefits that the dear City would bestow upon them. Any malcontents who objected to sharing their treasure for the good of all would be "re-educated" and forced to submit to the will of City.

However, free people long to be truly free. The people in this area did not choose to buy their property, nor live, within the City. Without benefit of the vaunted City, these people industriously built roads, houses, businesses, etc. and much to the ersatz surprise of City leaders, do not suffer from marauding packs of bandits, wallow in trash and raw sewage, or lanquish in utter despair, deprived of all that the dear City can offer.

Do not be surprised or chagrined, Mr. O'Grady and the rest of City Council. Those who heretofore had no vote or voice against being shackled to the City's yoke have spoken clearly: Tear down this annexation wall! Or simply, thanks but no thanks.


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