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You may find this hard to believe.....

....but Wilmington is not the be-all and end-all of employment around here. MANY county residents work in the county or outside the county. Many people head North on 17 and work in Jacksonville. I work far more in Columbus, Bladen, and Sampson County than I do within the city of Wilmington.

You're obviously another city resident wanting county residents to subsidize you. For anyone who wants to see how well that works, talk to the folks in New York who live outside New York City. When Norman Mailer was running for mayor in 1969 the campaign adopted the motto of "Mailer-Breslin and the 51st State."

Their biggest support came from upstate New York, who wanted the city GONE.

You find the same situation in California, where the move to break the state into two or three states is being driven by the desire to get rid of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

For those of you who think that I'm providing extreme examples, unrelated to our local sitaution, I need reach no further than the recent, "Let's increase their car registration fee to pay for our urban bus system" to give you evidence of an identical mindset.

The county residents need to recognize the enemy and their attempted take-over. The fight is coming.

No annexation. No consolidation. LEAVE US ALONE.


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