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RIP Pete ...

I went to high school with the Blanks' brothers and Lord forgive me if I'm wrong for saying this but I am glad that they have a suspect in Pete's murder. I remember getting the phone call later on the morning about what happened. I had three deaths in my family at the time ... Two older relatives (died from natural causes) and a younger relative (murdered in the driveway by his neighbors) and I remember being deeply saddened by the news. I was actually supposed to go the party that night at Club 609 but luckily I didn't go.

I honestly didnt think that they would ever get a suspect for the murder. I've heard people talk saying that the Hines' brothers did it but I mean come on its Wilmington ... No one talks! When Alquan went missing ... one word popped into my head ... "Karma" ... I thought if that guy really did have something to do with Pete's murder then maybe this is his Karma. I don't know if I'm wrong for thinking that. But so many times in wilmington families lose loved one's to violence and it hurts. I will never understand why people feel that they have the right to take someone elses life. I feel that the only time its justified is if its self defense. In this new day, everyone is trigger happy and in order to regain pride or maintain status taking a life is necessary. I honestly think the world is coming to end. There's way too much violence and craziness taking place.

RIP Pete. If this Hines guy was involved then maybe the Blanks' family will gain some closure. If he had nothing to do with it, then maybe the murderer will turn up in the near future. Prayers go out to both families.


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