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@Surfcitytom....The gentleman whom was apprehended, has a brother whom is currently missing. His absences(Alquan Hines) is due to his brother actions @ club 609, this is what some are saying. Knowing that the Carolinian Inn is a short stay hotel, The article never said that he took up residency there, its safe to assume tom that he was apprehended there perhaps through investigation; such as surveillance or perhaps a confidential informant. Anyone whom assumes the Hines family intended on raising there kids in hopes of one day there pictures being on this forum is out of touch with reality. Gary Hines jr. is 19, he legally has the right to drive, smoke, die in combat, purchase a weapon, use a weapon and serve time in prison as and adult. With all the options available to an adult he choose what he felt was best fit for him, if you think a parent has control over a child implicated in murders and gang activity then you need to re-evaluate your though process. This young man as far as we (those unaware of his education level or calculated facts of his formative years) know nothing about his rearing. An adult is an adult in the eyes of justice, his parents rather he was a juvenile or and adult will never have to answer to the actions of him as our jurisprudence is not set up this way, so the parents should not be on trial on media forums either...I am sure they did the best they could as it is assumed all parents do....


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