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for NOT releasing complaints or reprimands about officers is it gives them the ability to hide their dirty laundry and not be accountable for their lack of control of them. Face it people you live in a police state where they think they are above the law. Law enforcement has gone out of control over the years and are now as bad as what they are sworn to supposedly protect us from..TRUST NONE OF THEM. If they have only a few bad apples as they say then why don't they police themselves and weed them out? The only way they ever get rid of one is when an outside department comes in and finds them. They lie and cover each other till the end. When is the last time you have heard of them actually policing themselves? Example when one is caught dirty they let them resign so they can move to another department somewhere else and just keep on doing the same old thing. Caught dirty fire them, period , end their career and then they are not just moving bad apples from one dept to another.
Ther was one officer in Memphis when I lived there resigned for brutality charges, went to West Memphis, Ar. resigned there for the same charges, went onto another town in Arkansas and finally beat a man to death and did finally go to prison. Why was this allowed to go that far? A man was killed for the sake of the "brotherhood" of officers.


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