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I read comment after comment

I read comment after comment on here dogging the news reporting of WWAY. If you don't like their style, don't read it. There are several other news outlets in town. I think it shows great character for an organization to tie in a story from the competition. Kind of what WWAY just did with that Star News Editorial. The bottom line is WWAY, WECT, WSFX, and The Star News have to make money. What WWAY just did here is show they are trying to do what news is supposed to do, uncover the truth and report it.

I don't always agree with WWAY's reporting techniques. Hence, I watch other networks. I do think they are doing what they believe to be the right thing. I do like the fact they allows citizens to express their opinions on these message boards.

The real problem here to me is where is Jon David in all this? These allegations are going on right in his town and he has not said a work publically. He came into office on the premise of cleaning up corruption. The last District Attorney certainly didn't have the best of track records. We are less than a year into Jon David's tenure and here we go with one of the law enforcement agencies he works with alleged corruption violations.

Mr. David owes it to the citizens like myself who voted him in and supported his campaign. We want to know what he is doing to address these violations! If he can't comment because there is a pending investigation, let us know. If he has invited in another agency to investigate, let us know. If he plans to do nothing and sit back and wait for allegation after allegation to surface before he takes action, well I guess we will find out soon enough.

I have to say, I am very disappointed in how this has been handled by the District Attorney, the SBI, the Town of Leland. These allegations of corruption have been going on for quite some time and it took an officer getting shot by fake bullets for it to come to light.

I hope the Star News and WWAY will stay on this story and not let it just go away like it has in the past.


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