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Ok...Its almost like WWAY is after Jayne or something...All this corruption is going on, like what??? Him driving his police vehicle to SC I think was handled already. Training and Standards was there last friday all day, don't you think if something was wrong they would have said something or made some kindof official statement. The state wants to make sure they are doing there job also. There are also laws that protect people who speak out about whats wrong Whistle Blowers ACT....does that ring a bell. In order for anything to be done or changed the so called sources will have to be named.

I am not a big fan of Law Enforcement but its just as bad over here in Wilmington where I live. Do you think for one minute a WPD Officer is gonna tell on his boss or his buddies? I think not. Also the female that quit decided to leave on her own and for a whopping $18,000 my job is worth more than half a years salary to me. WWAY I like your news and I think its time you guys go get some new News and stop dragging this out. You guys haven't posted any real coruption and it looks like Leland is just like every other LEO Angency in our area.


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