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Give it a rest!

It is sad that all of the people on here have nothing better to do than beat a " dead horse". Everyone is so quick to talk about the corruption of the LPD and how the so-called law abiding citizens of the Leland area. It is sad that people have so much to say about a police chief driving a town car out of state and acusations of a training mishap. But did not have all this to say when less than 3 months ago, a Brunswick County detective was arrested on statutory rape charges. I also recall an issue with the Sheriffs department within the last ten years, a couple of detectives and high ranking officers were arrested on drug and soliciting prostitution charges. But we call what is going on in Leland, corruption. Seriously people, give it a rest. No one is perfect, as we have recently seen with the captain of pender county, being caught with a male prostitute's "member" in his hand. But yet there is not a million posts about this. I am willing to bet, the majority of you posting negative comments probably have a very extensive criminal history. Here is a question, how many of you leave for work every day knowing that may be the last time that you will see your family? Well all first responders not just police officers do every morning. I am sure the upstanding citizens of Leland mostly worry about someone stealing their drugs; sure when that happens, who do they call? Not ghostbusters. I have watched many agencies have multiple cars when stopping a vehicle, from the sheriffs dept to highway patrol. I wonder why is this, maybe a safety issue, maybe it has something to due with officer Mitch Prince. A routine traffic stop in a "small" town ends up with the officer being shot with his own weapon. But we dont look at that, there have been many officers lose their lives because of routine stops. It is really grown upto call out people by name and make a mockery of thier physical and personal traits. People need to get a life and get over it, honestly sounds like a lot of you have a personal vendetta against these officers. Let me guess, they are the reason you or a family member ended up in jail for breaking the law. Im sure some of you are gonna get all "butt hurt" about this and call me all sorts of names, but I could care less.


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