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The law

Its sad when you are suppose to be able to trust the one's who suppose to protect you but its even sadder when you have another officer telling you that there are a lot of bad cops in the system and there really is expecially when you have one to do what ever it takes to crack a crime even if it means lying and getting their partner to back them in a lye its sad and the sad thing about it the DA has to approve these warrents,and just because they have the authourity to do what ever they want most of them abuse that authourity and it is wrong but god will punish all the crooked cops out there thats why a lot is happening to them now because they are not truthful with their work and it is really sad I just hope that some of these good cops who see the bad things happen come fourth and make a change with in their department and maybe people will change how they fill about the police system.Cant trust no one DA's Cops only one you can trust is GOD!!!!


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