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Just Because

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long, but some of us actually have a life and real jobs. Apparently, I struck a nerve with my last post. Funny I speak up for not only law enforcement but all first responders and all of a sudden i have cop fantasies and badge crushes or whatever. Yes cops know the risks of the job when they take them as well as the arm forces do. They take these positions because arm chair quarterbacks like the ones on here, dont have the nerve to do it. I have done my research and noticed a certain "quarterback" seems to be very active. Mentioning how they ride around in their personal vehicle with their dash camera recording. How lame is that? Talk aboout cop fantasies. This is probably the same type of person who bashes law enforcement on public forums and has a personalized license plate bearing his same handle name. I did not get a chance to watch COPS but I did catch an episode World's Dumbest Criminals. There was an idiot riding around with a dash camera and blue lights impersonating a police officer. Guess what? He got caught. Sounds like someone we know. You claim to be a former police officer. Key word, FORMER. Let me guess, you lose your job for misconduct? Maybe you picked up a male prostitute or maybe you went the narcotic route. Either way, you are a FORMER officer who pretends he still has a job. Here is some advice, do like your department obviously did, and "Let GO"


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