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Unions Made The Wilmington Film Business

The unions lobbied people like Julia Boseman to boost incentives to the Hollywood film makers. These inflated numbers suggesting that it's 100 million dollar budget make people think that that money is staying here when in fact it's going to super star salaries, $40,000 private jet trips to and from LA, very little is staying here. There are no grip, electric, rental car companies based out of NC. Home Depot is not a NC corporation. There are no sales taxes paid by these companies either.

The unions are the only ones making out (like bandits) over this. This right to work state has been reduced to labor organized closed shops. You want to work on this movie? Buy an $800 membership into the union. It's the only way you can work.

The unions made this town because movie companies were looking for non-union labor, the unions broke the back of this town by driving companies away a few years ago. So to correct it they made the sate of NC cover the difference. Basically the incentive pays the difference between union and non-union labor rates.

And everyone is happy. Look, a taste of something is better than nothing. Let the unions have their cake, we will settle for the crumbs.


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