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iron Man? Holy Cow!

I am willing to bet everything I own that 80 million will not be spent here, in fact I will bet that less than 10 million will be spent here. The 100 million dollar figure includes over the line salaries and compensation such as access to private jets.

Most of the money spent here will be spent with screen gems, a NY company, and with other out of state companies. What will be spent here will be salaries for 100-200 workers, including day players and $100/day extra work. The majority of the work will come from out of state due to the lack of crew with skills in special effects and CGI. There will be all kinds of money being spent on hotels and food, some of which will be locally owned businesses.

Is it nice we have this coming here? Yes, it will feed a few people who live and work here. But compare it to McDonalds or Target and you will find that they employ and feed many more people than the film industry will do with this one job and no one gave them a $20 million dollar incentive.

Am I glad it's here? I know my mortgage company is.


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