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And you also miss the point

What people need to understand is if NC doesn't have an incentives package it doesn't have a film industry. Hollywood is not under some sort of spell to film in NC. They do it because it makes sense economically, and logistically (crew base/studios). You absolutely have to look at this way. a company out there wants to spend well over 100 million in the state of NC and other states want that money just as bad as we do... we have to be competitive in order to get the production to come here if not that whopping 100+ million dollars goes someplace else.

As for your tax breakdown you forget that Robert Downey Jr and the rest of the "Stars" will be paying NC income tax with there heavy salaries, and will be living here for months spending money in our local shops, and restaurants. That goes for everyone on the payroll here during filming. People say well they get there lumber from Home Depot, and there not a NC company. Do you know that?? They might get it from a locally owned business E.F. Godwin...

Point is you can't look at it from a tax stand point you have to look at it as an economic boost for the area. This money could have easily have gone to Michigan, Louisiana, Georgia... But they decided to come here.


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