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What's to argue?

This is really pretty simple to resolve.

Many, including myself, question the value of film incentives.

No one, including the Wilmington or NC Film Czars has given any firm proof that film incentives add value and pay their way.

IronMan 3 is the future. Look at recent past productions. This is about as simple as it gets.

How much incentive was provided to the Rock & Michael Caine production? How many dollars were actually expended in NC for that production?

Put the "argument" to an end.

Give an answer more than "I promise you" or "take my word" as your weak validation for the film incentives.

It can not get much better or easier than that.

Until you do that; until you show in plain dollars and centsthat incentives have an adequate rate of return, you fail to build a case.

And like Democrats and Liberals, everywhere, when you fail to make a case, you fall back on the argument excuse.

To your credit, at least you did not try to lay blame on former President Bush.


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