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Use this as your personal motivation!!

You always gonna have people that want to see you fell cause of some crazy reason remeber I've always told you that before but only you can control your fate. You know coach Fletcher and I know him also he's a great person and good coach I've coached along side as well, and he is what west brunswick needs as a coach no matter what others say. Just like he teaches as a coach never give up and keep fighting theres always some parent out there that thinks there child should be playing and haven't been to a pratice to witness the truth about there childs so call hard work and most important they're like of skill set to perform well enough to be on the field of play. Remeber football is know kiddie sport and coaches know who can do what cause we've seen the kids and know there capabilities and the last thing you want to do is get a kid seriously hurt that could effect them for life! So I say to coach Fletcher keep up the good work with trying to get those kids in schools,cause even when you think your trying to make a difference by helping out others people still have something bad to say! And the Dee Hill comment ever who said that should be ashamed everyone makes mistakes and he payed for them i guess some of us were never teenagers, but I guess that made him a bad football player his performece on the field had nothing to do with his off the field choices bad things happen to good people on both accounts everyday to say the least! But that don't main you throw in the towel on someone, its easy to create a criminal by sticking them with worse criminals and forget them and now they become a career criminal. Alfy so now you know what you gotta do and take peoples negative comments and let that be your fuel that drives you. A lot of folks want you to fell believe it or not I went throw it when I was at west and heck we played in 3 state championships back to back and played in 2 different divisions at same time and we still over came as a team and individually! Hey have fun play your heart out and be thankful of your oppertunity its not over until you yourself say its over!! I'm Proud of you



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